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June 20, 2013
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L I M I T L E S S: Miyu by daisukirai L I M I T L E S S: Miyu by daisukirai

SACRIFICE | none so far, anyone want to be? -w-

N A M E » Miyu Tsukino
A G E » 17
G E N D E R » Female ♀
H E I G H T » 5'3"
W E I G H T » 98 lbs
B I R T H D A T E » 9/26

R A N K » Rank 1
P O I N T S » 1,000 pts
I N V E N T O R Y »

P E R S O N A L I T Y »
Due to her mysterious and unpredictable nature, many believe she is nearly impossible to understand unless they pay close attention. When she first meets new people, she may seem cruel and devious, making sarcastic criticisms especially towards those around her that she looks down upon. She can even be spontaneous and outgoing, even taking daring risks to the extreme just to see how far she could push herself...that and to be a total show-off. A majority of her emotions are expressed through her actions rather than words, but most never seem to notice how she lost trust in others.

Whenever Miyu meets someone whom she deems worthy enough to earn her respect, she becomes the most loyal and obedient companion who will always be there for them as long as they are loyal in return. But not until she analyzes them, seeking out all of their good and bad qualities before declaring if they're worth her submission to them. Once that is achieved, she will have a habit of teasing them in a playful and friendly manner, hoping to either fluster the victim or anger them into a fight or a a friendly way, of course.

There is a side of her that she keeps secret though, her compassionate and sensitive nature that only those closest to her ever discover. She has many secret sides of her that she keeps concealed and locked away inside her, and she plans on keeping it that way for as long as possible until she finds that one special person she can confide in.

She enjoys learning about new things, wishing to further increase her knowledge of things unknown to her. She doesn't like the thought of being defeated, fearing that she will never be strong enough to protect those dear to her. Because she is stubborn and persistent, she always endures anything she can in order to achieve what she wants. Her confidence is her greatest strength as well as her greatest weakness.

Whenever she witnesses an argument going on, she'll turn it into a competition or a duel in order to decide who is right. Even if she isn't part of the argument, she thinks it's the only way to settle conflicts. It can be trivia, a duel...any type of competition. Although she doesn't actually like bloodshed that much unless the person started it.

H I S T O R Y »
As the one and only female child out of 4 siblings total, Miyu had grown up in an environment of friendly rivalry and competition. Her parents spoiled all their children, but they doted on Miyu the most. However, her brothers never got jealous. In fact, they even admired her. They decided to take her under their wings, training her to become a girl who can fight for herself and can surpass anyone she wishes to defeat. She was always on the lookout of finding something risky and daring to test her abilities, so all the guys in the family joined together to create difficult challenges and adventures to keep her occupied. Her mother disapproved of the way the men were turning her into a tomboy instead of letting Miyu embrace her feminine nature, but eventually gave up and let her daughter decide for herself what she wishes.

Throughout the years she took regular classes and even began dressing more like the girl she was supposed to be. Instead of becoming more lady-like, however, she had become extremely rebellious and rarely got along with anyone. Many students thought she was outrageously insane while some instructors would scowl at how she is a bad influence to those around her. But she never backed down, always accepting anything that they would throw at her. She refused to give up, always striving to surpass herself and others in any way possible. Athletics, art, acting, singing, memorization, intelligence, nearly drove some of the other students insane to the point that they try doing whatever they could to break her, to shatter the fact that she surpassed them at everything. There were plenty of times that people succeeded in beating her at something, sometimes even inflicting physical and mental harm upon her. It even got to the point that she ended up mentally shattered enough to where she fell back many levels behind her peers and had to go through a recovery phase before returning. But no matter what chaotic hell she was put through, she always believed in herself. That if she could set a goal for her to achieve, there is nothing that could get in her way. She frowns upon the saying that "the sky's the limit." If there was more beyond the sky, such as the stars and planets, the galaxies and the infinite universe....then there is actually no limit after all. And so she motivated herself that way by thinking that she has no limits. That she is L I M I T L E S S.

Once she discovered her True Name, she then realized that she was meant for a much greater purpose. She longed for something that seemed incomplete within her, something that to her meant that her current "limit" had further been expanded, setting forth a new goal that she must seek to achieve. Although her mother feared that something horrible may happen to her precious daughter, all the men in her family cheered her on and poured all their faith into Miyu, knowing that someday she'll be unstoppable as long as she strives to surpass any so-called "limits" set before her. She has so much to learn and lack of experience, but she has a neverending passion to learn and become someone others can rely on.

L I K E S & D I S L I K E S »
+exploration adventures
+daring challenges
+sweet/sour/extremely spicy foods/snacks
+encouragment/encouraging others

-being looked down upon
-bitter, tasteless foods

O T H E R »
Although she acts like a total tomboy, she actually has a girly side to her that she doesn't conceal. She always changes her outfits, mostly preferring skirts and dresses and even frilly colorful clothing lined with lace and ribbons. She also has a weakness for anything that is cute. Because of that, she can act rather girly and cutesy at times, but her truly feminine side is rarely shown 100%. Anyone who makes fun of her because of it should most likely run away.
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